A passenger ship in scarlet

The PCs find the monks...

The Mafdet received moderate damage from its last skirmish, so the PCs leave it in dock at Port-aux-Paix for repair. With some downtime, the crew decide to take the Absconder to Nassau station for some shopping. The Absconder makes it to the edge of the Tortuga system and jumps to Nassau without incident. Upon reaching the station, the crew spend most of the time shopping, stocking up on supplies and equipment.

After loading up some supplies and the docking clamps owed to Pebble station, the Absconder prepares to leave. To Rence’s chagrin, his old rival and former owner of the Mafdet, Jeannie Santos is hanging around the docking bay with a few toughs. Jeannie wants to know what happened to the Mafdet and why Rence is running around in an old junk heap like the Absconder.

Rence deflects the questions, but is uneasy as the crew prepares to leave, suspecting Jeannie is up to something. His suspicions are confirmed as the crew gets accosted by a customs cutter as they are on the way out of the system. The crew initially begins a through inspection of the Absconder, claiming they received a tipoff of contraband. After some smooth words and greased palms, Finch manages to smooth things over and the Absconder continues on its way.

A few days of cruising later, the crew receives a message from Nassau control saying that a passenger ship has lost power near the Absconder’s position. The Absconder diverts course to investigate, and finds the passenger ship drifting idle in space. On boarding, they find the entire crew have been cut into small pieces. No clue remains to the attackers means or identities, except a single crewman who somehow managed to survive despite horrible wounds including a missing arm and leg.

The crew try to find what they can, and get some hints that the monks were among the dead. Given the crewman’s dire medical situation though, they undock and quickly head back towards Nassau station, meeting a medical ship halfway there and transferring the crewman aboard.

Thinking their business finally concluded, the crew attempt to leave Nassau again, but just as they are reaching the edge of the system, they are contacted by a Colonial Authority Patrol frigate. They again find themselves boarded, but this time a familiar figure comes through the airlock: Agent Cyanry.

Cyanry quizzes the crew on the recent goings on around Nassau and Tortuga, and explains he suspects there is more than meets the eye to the pirate activity in the region. He commends the PCs work in cleaning house in Tortuga, but cautions there is more going on than it seems. He promises to continue working on the problem from his end and sends the PCs on their way.



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