The Monks who Watch

A cult in the hills

The party arrives at the Observatory with the oxygen generator they were hired to deliver. While they offload the cargo a storm hits and the Monks, lead by Ojumba, offer them a meal.

Over dinner the Monks explain their holy mission to observe the Tortuga gas giant and surrounding space for signs of the coming of a ‘divine being’. To that end they use high performance sensors in the tower to measure and map surrounding space and examine the gas giant.

The Monks seem harmless enough, but once the storm ends the PCs discover more bandits have blockaded the tower. A firefight ensues as the bandits attempt to force their way in through the front door.

The Monks, though not warriors, are surprisingly well armed and make a good accounting of themselves. The door is held for a while but finally the remaining bandits try a desperate rush. A brutal close quarters fight rages that sees Finch, the Purser, taking out several bandits at point blank range with his derringer, while Rence cuts down man after man with its laser pistol.

Meanwhile, on the upper level of the tower, Ranso and Claudia are ambushed by a pair of snipers. Ranso is hit by laser fire while attempting to defend the main door from above. Luckily his ablative plate absorbs the hit and he begins to retreat. Claudia is attacked by a second sniper with a rifle who manages to moderately would her.

Ranso grabs Claudia and pulls her through the upper airlock. He treats her wound with fleshfoam, stabilizing her injury. Unfortunately she reacts to the pain killers in the foam and goes completely numb from head to toe.

Seeing Claudia is stabilized, and hearing the furious battle on the lower level, Ranso leaves Claudia to recover and heads down stairs to try to assist Rence and Finch. He arrives just in time to see the last bandit fall, then hears a message from Claudia that the upper airlock is cycling. Cursing, Ranso turns around and begins to run back upstairs.

Meanwhile, with no sensation in her hands and crumpled in a heap next to the airlock, Claudia manages to ready her laser pistol. When the two snipers walk out of the airlock she ambushes them, burning them down at point blank range.

In the aftermath, the party salvages weapons and equipment from the bandits, and even capture two alive. The prisoners talk easily, explaining that their boss, named ‘Scalder’ told them to kill the Monks and destroy the equipment in the tower, without saying why…



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