Ando Poth

Downport Controller


A tired-looking old man with wispy white hair and a wrinkled face. His small bright eyes squint out from under thick brows, burning with an unusual intensity.


Ando’s first career was in the Navy as a yard worker, eventually rising to rank of Chief. He served for 40 years as a yard hand at the Luna shipyards until the yard was declared obsolete and dismantled. Ando was offered early retirement, which he accepted. He spent the next decade wandering around known space ‘seeing the universe’ until his money began to run out. Eventually he drifted to Tortuga and accepted a job as the controller of the Tortuga Downport. The infrequent traffic means much of Ando’s time is spent playing cards with the other locals, or drinking at one of the Downport’s watering holes. He does an adequate job as controller despite his flirting with alcoholism and the locals seem to like him well enough.

Ando Poth

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