Calan 'Credits' Preditta

An 'inde' filmmaker always working on a new project


Calan is a cybermodded human, with numerous sensory and recording implants. He can capture both visual and sensory input with all his cyberwear. His body appears baseline human at first glance, but his skin is laced with fine sensor contacts that record sensation. His face is obviously cybernetic, as he has large lenses in place of his eyes and various ports and jacks by his temples and at the back of his neck.


Calan is from Lucknow in India on Earth, and never lets anyone forget it. He takes great pride in his heritage and is convinced that his background keeps his art ‘authentic’. He is a filmmaker with a talent for turning out ‘cult classics’ and has a small but very loyal following in the sensie community. He has worked for hundreds of corporate and private sponsors, producing various media for entertainment and advertising. Lately he has worried his constant involvement with patronage is ruining his creativity and wants to strike out on his own. Dozens of non-compete and exclusivity contracts that he has signed over the years is complicating this process…

Calan 'Credits' Preditta

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