Debahjaia Thoon

Sheriff of Tortuga Downport and surrounds


Debahjaia has mottled brown and white skin on his face and scalp, the results of an old accident he doesn’t talk about. He is short and broad enough that most folks figure he has some Heavyworlder genes somewhere in his ancestry, but given his disinclination to ever talk about his past nobody is sure.
When expecting trouble he wears a battered old paramilitary armored vacc suit, and his favorite longarm is a Suru Sweeper Electrothermal shotgun. He wears an Ares Vermilion laser pistol as a sidearm.


Debahjaia polices the downport and surrounding facilities with a light hand, only taking action if the facilities or its residents are in danger. He has a reputation for keeping a cool head, but he has been known to react with great violence wherever the safety of his port is threatened. Not much is known about his past, but most say he was hired on very shortly after the guild occupied the Port-aux-Paix highport and restarted gas mining operations.
Despite his homely appearance, Debahjaia is married to Otika Thoon, the local chief mechanic.

Debahjaia Thoon

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