'Dr' Dakpa Klein-Smith Zebo

The Tortuga Downport medic


Dakpa is an Edgewalker from one of the old colonies. He has the long, double-jointed limbs characteristic of that genemod. He is of average height (5’10") and build, although his arms and fingers are significantly longer than a baseline human’s. His hair and skin is a pale yellowish green, and he has large iridescent eyes. He often sits in poses that look very awkward to his patients, but his extra joint flexibility makes him perfectly comfortable folded up like a pretzel.


Dakpa was a medic in the Rangers until he was discharged for unknown reasons. His medical qualifications are unknown, but he seems to know what he is doing. Given that he’s the closest thing to a doctor on Tortuga, the locals are grateful to have him. He’s been successfully curing and patching up the various residents for the last several years in a seemingly competent manner.

'Dr' Dakpa Klein-Smith Zebo

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