Kalilee Chu

Head of the Miner's guild on Tortuga


Kalilee is from an asteroid mining family, with spacer stock in her genemod. She has the dark skin, hair, and eyes of that genetype, but is not as willowy as usual, and tends towards average or even slightly stocky. Her eyes are always wandering as she constantly takes in the environment around her.


Kalilee is a scion of a major asteroid mining clan who decided to take her inheritance and ‘go it on her own’ by starting up a dirtside mining operation on the moon of Tortuga. She had enough starting capital to buy equipment and hire workers, and she makes a modest profit selling light isotopes (H3 and H4) as well as ice from her operation. She has about 50 workers and is the largest single employer on the moon. She tends to micromanage her operation and her foreman only bear her nitpicking because she pays well. Her workaholic lifestyle means she is seldom found outside the mining facility.

Kalilee Chu

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