Mada Xuan

Proprietor of Mada's Scrapyard


Mada is a mixture of Chinese and Indian descent, with dark black hair in many braids framing a round face with brown eyes. She wears grease-stained coveralls and typically carries a variety of salvage tools. Her ‘yard’ can be a good source of spare ‘gently used’ parts for many of Tortuga’s residents.


Mada was born to an asteroid mining family, but had a falling out with her clan when her fiancee disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She was forced out, and now makes a living selling and recycling scrap in a warehouse in Tortuga Downport. She doesn’t socialize much due to her checkered past, but the other residents tolerate her. She has a knack for finding unusual parts and is always willing to make a deal.

Mada Xuan

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