Otika Thoon

Facility Mechanic, Wife of Sheriff Debahjaia Thoon


Otika is a middle-aged woman with charcoal-black skin with long willowy arms, blue eyes, and short red hair. She wears an exoskeleton over her upper body that disappears down into a flowing skirt studded with pockets and tool loops. Strangely the skirt never gets tangled or interferes with her duty as facilities mechanic.


Otika is a born and bred spacer, with her slight build and dark skin exemplifying her genemod heritage. Like her husband, her reasons for coming to Tortuga downport are a mystery to everyone, but she manages to get along well in the moon’s relatively low gravity. The residents are grateful to have her in their community as she is a wizard with any sort of repair job. While she keeps the port systems running, she is also known as an excellent vehicle mechanic, able to repair anything from Repulsorlift grav sleds to heavy shuttlecraft.
While seemingly petite and weak due to her spacer origins, Otika has a reputation for being able to take care of herself around the port. After a couple drinks any of the locals will tell you about the time a newcomer tried to take liberties with her in her garage. As the story goes he was reduced to a bloody quivering pile before her husband showed up, although nobody will tell exactly how she did it.

Otika Thoon

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