Tannik Muldoon

Manager of the Tortuga Downport Hostel


Tannik is a squat man with Heavyworlder heritage, with the typical barrel chest and stocky physique. He has yellow hair, red eyes, and numerous tiny tattoos across his face and arms. On close inspection the tattoos are various geometric figures, symbols of the Pure Form mystic cult to which he is a member.


Tannik took up running the old Tortuga Downport workers’ dorms as a hostel for travelers. His clients include the occasional merchant or asteroid miner who has come into town to conduct business. His dorms include a variety of bunkrooms, and a couple ‘suites’ he has created by ripping out the bunks and replacing them with single beds. His rates are high, but he is the only game in town for short-term accommodations. Tannik does keep the place fairly clean, and the sonic showers tend to work more often than not, so he manages to stay in business. The common areas are decorated with various geometric solids, and a shrine to the Platonic Solids is set up in his own room.

Tannik Muldoon

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