The Scalder Gang

A group of raiders living in the Pointy Mountains


The Scalder Gang are a bunch of lowlifes who periodically raid the Tortuga Downport settlements and surrounding facilities. They raid shipments and occasionally sneak in and attempt to steal things from the spaceport or mining operations. They haven’t been enough of a nuisance yet for the Sheriff to mount a posse to exterminate them, but the day may be coming.


The gang leaves the Downport itself alone. According to Sheriff Thoon the Downport is too well-protected for even the large numbers of Scalder bandits to attack. They will go after anything else on the moon’s surface and claim to be involved in salvage and raiding in space as well. They appear to have a particularly strong hate-on for Ojumba and his Monks in the Observatory to the West of the Downport facility.

The Scalder Gang

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