Madison Scout

A lightweight rifle with targeting equipment

weapon (ranged)

The Madison Scout was designed as a medium-ranged designated marksman/sniper weapon. The rifle’s light weight, even when loaded with extensive sighting equipment, made it popular among scouts and explorers. The gun is Fine(Accurate) and features an 8x Hyperspectral Scope (+3, IR, visible, NUV vision) and targeting computer.

The design features variable-volume liquid propellant firing, with a ‘magazine’ containing a binary liquid propellant reservoir and a second magazine containing slugs. The propellant reservoir can fire three magazines of slugs at normal velocity. The gun can fire single shots (RoF 3) or three-round bursts (RoF 9).

The variable volume feature allows the user to adjust the amount of propellant used for each shot. This is available in three modes: Suppressed, Low Signature, and Boosted. A multi-purpose adapting muzzle-brake/suppressor module automatically adjusts for the selected propellant volume.

In Suppressed mode, the gun has a very quiet firing signature, giving -5 to hearing for single shots (-4 for a 3-round burst) at the cost of reduced range and damage. In Low Signature mode, the weapon fires at normal velocity but gives -2 to hearing for single shots (-1 for 3-round burst).

Finally, Boosted mode provides increased range, velocity, and accuracy at the cost of more expended propellant. When firing in Boosted mode the weapon expends twice as much propellant from the reservoir as normal, but gains increased range, damage, and accuracy. In this mode the suppressor automatically converts to a muzzle-brake/compensator that controls recoil and muzzle climb in burst mode.

When firing in Boosted mode using 3-round bursts the compensator gives +1 to skill only for the purpose of calculating how many bullets from the burst hit the target. Normally hits from a Rcl 2 weapon are achieved at 0,2,4, whereas with the compensator the hit numbers are 0,1,3.


Damage 2d(2)/4d+1(2)/5d+1(2) pi-
Acc 5/6/7 +3+1
1/2D 200/400/600
Range 1000/3000/5000
Weight 6
RoF 3/9#
Shots 45
ST 8
Bulk -5
Rcl 2
Cost ???
LC 2

Madison Scout

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