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Welcome to Tortuga
A simple delivery run

The party arrives at Tortuga Downport after landing their ship, the Mafdet, at the facility’s dubious landing field. They acquire lodgings from Tannik Muldoon, the owner of the local hostel. To save money, they book at 4-person bunkroom for 1200 credits for two weeks. Claudia is fascinated by Muldoon’s shrine to Hypithoria, which appears to be some sort of geometry-based philosophy or religion based on contemplation of the platonic solids.

After stowing their gear and getting cleaned up, the group settles down at the local watering hole, The Bitter End, run by Tibby Tammins. After a surprising meal of fresh fish and greens Rence and Finch ask Tammins about the local action. Tammins explains that the facility is between shifts at the moment, which is why there were so few people out and about, however at the start of the morning shift people tend to meet at the bar with various jobs.

About an hour later, a grimy crewman bursts into the bar. Realizing that the local barflies are even more incapacitated than usual, the crewman, Hoyan, recruits the PCs for a simple grav-sled delivery to a nearby observatory facility. The Observatory’s oxygen generator needs to be replaced, and the PCs are to escort Hoyan and the generator across the dunes and into the Pointy Mountains where the observatory is located.

The group suits up and goes to hanger one, where they see a battered colonial freighter undergoing emergency repairs. Hoyan, the ship’s purser, is the only crewman not involved in repairing the considerable damage to the ship. Hoyan explains that the ship had a plasma leak to one of the engine pods that caused considerable damage to the ship’s maneuver drives. The engine will need to be repaired before the ship can leave.

The crew boards the grav sled, and Finch notices that the cargo is not well secured and takes a moment to tie it down properly. The sled, with Claudia driving, then heads off across the plains towards the mountains. As they enter the first shallow ravine, Claudia notices a large volley of gyrocs headed straight towards the sled.

Claudia manages to swerve, preventing the gyrocs from peppering the front cab of the grav sled, but a lift pod is hit and the sled becomes unmanageable. Claudia manages to land it without crashing. Ranso picks a sputtering gyroc out of his armor, and there are a few holes in the cabin, but overall nobody is injured.

A large cloud of dust has been kicked up by the grav sled ditching. The PCs use this as cover to move into the nearby rocks. They then hunker down and wait to see what happens. Hoyan takes cover in the wreckage of the sled to protect the oxygen generator.

After a few moments the dust clears and a large grav barge is seen slowly approaching from the other end of the ravine. It is covered in improvised armor consisting of scrap metal and construction foam, with a long but narrow slit at the front for vision. A firefight ensues, with the PCs initially pinned down in the hills. A smoke round fired by Finch blinds the firing slit, and Ranso prepares to charge the vehicle while Rence and Claudia work their way around the opposite side of the ravine.

Ranso is hit by a long-range rifle burst from the hills that dents his armor but does not penetrate. Claudia tries to see the sniper but he has already moved. Finch fires another smoke round, providing further cover to Ranso as he begins running towards the grav barge. Claudia watches the hills for the sniper, ready to point a targeting laser at him while Rence loads a guided gyroc into his launcher.

Ranso continues to close with the vehicle. Claudia sees the sniper poke up in the distant hills and manages to paint him with her targeting laser. Rence fires his gyroc and sees it slam into the sniper, putting him down. Finch begins to charge the vehicle while Rence, Claudia, and Ranso suppress two pirates who have exited either side of the barge.

A stream of laser fire from Rence wards off one, while Ranso manages to put the other down with several blaster bolts. Claudia picks off somebody through the slit and Ranso reaches one of the vehicle’s doors. Ranso yanks it open and is met by a spectacularly inept stream of automatic fire. The would-be door gunner looses control of his weapon and sprays the cabin with bullets, heavily damaging it.

Ranso shoots him and enters the cabin, only to discover another pirate with a giant multi-barreled gyroc weapon of some sort. The pirate panic fires the gyroc as Ranso dives back out the door. The hail of gyrocs miss Ranso, and many of them end up ricocheting around the cabin inflicting further damage. The grav barge’s control systems fail and it sinks to the ground.

The crew quickly search the cabin of the grav barge, and while it will not move, Finch and Claudia manage to scavenge some valuable control computer components. Finch also finds an inertial compass module which he gives to Claudia. Meanwhile Hoyan has scrounged some lift-pod parts from the barge to jury-rig a repair to the grav sled’s repulsor system so they can finish their delivery.


~$1200 credits of computer control parts
Inertial compass of indeterminate value (probably a lot)
Shoulder-mounted 30-barrel gyroc launcher with bipod
Caseless 6mm sub-machine gun with two loaded magazines
Two double-barreled gyrocs
One Gyroc revolver
13 rounds of Gyroc solid (6d pi++)
20 rounds of Gyroc armor-piercing capped (5d-2(2) pi+)
Hulk of a grav barge with numerous large but valuable components
4 medium air tanks

The Monks who Watch
A cult in the hills

The party arrives at the Observatory with the oxygen generator they were hired to deliver. While they offload the cargo a storm hits and the Monks, lead by Ojumba, offer them a meal.

Over dinner the Monks explain their holy mission to observe the Tortuga gas giant and surrounding space for signs of the coming of a ‘divine being’. To that end they use high performance sensors in the tower to measure and map surrounding space and examine the gas giant.

The Monks seem harmless enough, but once the storm ends the PCs discover more bandits have blockaded the tower. A firefight ensues as the bandits attempt to force their way in through the front door.

The Monks, though not warriors, are surprisingly well armed and make a good accounting of themselves. The door is held for a while but finally the remaining bandits try a desperate rush. A brutal close quarters fight rages that sees Finch, the Purser, taking out several bandits at point blank range with his derringer, while Rence cuts down man after man with its laser pistol.

Meanwhile, on the upper level of the tower, Ranso and Claudia are ambushed by a pair of snipers. Ranso is hit by laser fire while attempting to defend the main door from above. Luckily his ablative plate absorbs the hit and he begins to retreat. Claudia is attacked by a second sniper with a rifle who manages to moderately would her.

Ranso grabs Claudia and pulls her through the upper airlock. He treats her wound with fleshfoam, stabilizing her injury. Unfortunately she reacts to the pain killers in the foam and goes completely numb from head to toe.

Seeing Claudia is stabilized, and hearing the furious battle on the lower level, Ranso leaves Claudia to recover and heads down stairs to try to assist Rence and Finch. He arrives just in time to see the last bandit fall, then hears a message from Claudia that the upper airlock is cycling. Cursing, Ranso turns around and begins to run back upstairs.

Meanwhile, with no sensation in her hands and crumpled in a heap next to the airlock, Claudia manages to ready her laser pistol. When the two snipers walk out of the airlock she ambushes them, burning them down at point blank range.

In the aftermath, the party salvages weapons and equipment from the bandits, and even capture two alive. The prisoners talk easily, explaining that their boss, named ‘Scalder’ told them to kill the Monks and destroy the equipment in the tower, without saying why…

The Fastest Ship in the West
The Mafdet goes for a run.

The crew rest, heal, and resupply for a few days back at the Downport. Finch sells off the salvage and scrap taken from the bandits for a tidy profit to Mada Xuan, a local scrap dealer. He receives a high security ‘hard credit’ chit for $2500 labeled ‘Bank of Madrid’ and the rest in standard credits. She exchanges the large grav sled for a set of military-grade sensor emitters.

Finch and Claudia manage to use the emitters to upgrade the Mafdet’s sensor array to military specifications. This allows the sensor array to perform targeting functions, and provides limited defensive capability via a long-range lidar emitter so powerful it can perform as a close-in-weapon at short range. It turns out to be a good compromise as it gives some weapons capability to the Mafdet without technically being a weapon.

The crew then meets the local mechanic, Otika Thoon, wife of the sheriff, who fixes Ranso and Claudia’s damaged armor and space suit. She also works out a process for making the fuel for Claudia’s chemical propellant rifle and gives Claudia a shopping list of chemicals to acquire.

Finch realizes he still has a message chip from the monk, Ojumba, that needs to be put into the interstellar mail system. Ojumba said he needed to contact more of his followers for additional funds and support. The crew boards the Mafdet and fly up to Port-aux-Paix station to inquire about getting the message sent out, and getting the chemicals Claudia needed for her rifle.

On arriving at the station, the crew meets Dockmaster Plinth, who offers to put the chip on the next transport out of the system to be uploaded to the interstellar mail network. He directs Claudia to the Refinery Operator, Hugo, who provides her with the gasses she needs to bring to Otika for the rifle ammunition.

After topping up their fuel tanks, Plinth asks if the Mafdet would be available for a priority cargo run out to a mining station in the asteroids. The crew agrees to take three tons of mining equipment out to one of the asteroid bases owned by the asteroid mining clans. The cargo is loaded and the crew heads out, Claudia plotting an unusual high-efficiency course using Tortuga’s two other moons, Inagua and Ambergris, for a slingshot boost.

As the Mafdet hurdles through space, Ranso notices on the sensors that a ship is tailing them at extreme range. After the gravity boost from Inagua, however, the Mafdet quickly outruns their pursuer. The ship cruises nearly two weeks and arrives at the asteroid station, known as the Pebble.

The crew lands in an internal pressurized bay and are greeted by a single asteroid miner, a woman named Alawn. While Alawn offloads the mining cargo, she asks if the crew would deliver a message to the Tortuga Downport mail system for her. Rence agrees and the two leave the cargo bay to get the message chip from another room.

After nearly an hour, Rence finally returns to the bay, commenting on how difficult it was to find the chip, all the while with a satisfied grin on his face. Muttering something about ‘space herpes’ the rest of the crew suggests the ship should get going and they prepare to head back to Port-aux-Paix.

En route back to Port-aux-Paix, Ranso notices a cluster of contacts ahead of the ship with the tactical sensor array. Claudia performs a hard burn to make sure the ship would not be in danger of a collision. As the Mafdet passes the unknown objects Ranso identifies them as some type of escape or boarding pod. One of the pods begins firing a laser at the Mafdet, but the ship is now traveling so fast relative to the pods that they are unable to score a hit. Claudia pulses the engines to create a plume of smoke behind the Mafdet in the shape of a rude gesture, and the Mafdet streaks away unharmed.

The crew arrives back at Port-aux-Paix with many questions, foremost of which being why they were tailed on the way out, and how the pods were able to try to ambush them on the return orbit. Paranoia mounts as the crew wonders who might have tipped off their would-be attackers as to their travel plans…

Cards on the Table
The PCs level with each other on their backgrounds

After returning from their supply run to ‘The Pebble’, the Mafdet docks at Port-Aux-Paix to refuel. While docked, Finch hits up the local job boards for work. Instead of work, he finds an invitation to a secret meeting in the office section of the station. After some discussion, the crew nervously decide to go to the meeting. The station is a secure area and weapons that can damage the station are prohibited. As a result the PCs are mostly unarmed and unarmored, leaving them feeling somewhat exposed.

The meeting takes place in office #21, one of the small rental offices in the station’s business section. The office block is old and in poor repair and the party even notices the old Frontier Mining Corporation logo imprint left on the front door, not quite removed by the current owners. Upon entering office #21 the party is greeted by an obsolete pleasure bot sitting behind a plain metal desk. The bot is obviously being used as a remote proxy by parties unknown, as it is wired in to communications hardware built into the chair upon which it sits.

After greeting each party member by name (and saying ‘alias’ after saying Ranso’s name) it offers an interesting business proposal. The speaker introduces itself as ‘Fed’, and claims to sell information. It also claims to have information regarding the large amount of attention the party seems to be drawing. After the party agrees to pay a substantial fee ($2000), Fed tells them that the local pirates are receiving support from an outsystem party, probably corporate, specifically to go after them. In addition, it warns them that agents are already on Port-Aux-Paix station. Fed tells them to be cautious and says it hopes to deal with them in the future. The bot then shuts down, leaving the PCs to decide what to do next.

As the party returns to the docked Mafdet, they are ambushed by a group of three strangers disguised as mechanics. The ambush occurs in one of the boarding tube sections, so there is little cover other than a cart being pushed by one of the mechanics. The ‘mechanics’ attack with a combination of blades and a Tangler gun, and initially the PCs seem to be in trouble. A lucky Gyroc Stinger hit from Claudia disables the Tangler gunner before everyone can be glommed.

Rence moves up to take the dropped Tangler and head for the cover of the cart. As he comes up to a ‘T’-junction in the tube he is ambushed by a fourth assailant with a Tangler pistol. He dives to the ground, narrowly avoiding the sticky Tangler shot. Renso has been holding back, waiting to see if there was another person, essentially using Rence as bait. When the fourth attacker was occupied shooting at Rence, Ranso moved in and engaged him hand-to-hand.

Two other attackers moved up from behind the group with knives, and Claudia and Finch turned to engage them. Claudia kept them busy while Finch struggled to pull his holdout blaster from its concealed holster. After dodging a thrown knife, Finch finally got his blaster into action and opened up on the attackers. Dodging knives and returning fire with blaster, gyroc, and Tangler, Finch, Claudia, and Rence finally managed to take out the two attackers, eventually with Finch cutting them down with blaster bolts. Unfortunately Finch’s missed shots struck critical components in the wall, causing a small hull breech and also a volatile gas leak at the same time. A race between volatile gas filling, and vacuum clearing the boarding tubeway began.

Meanwhile Ranso was having trouble in hand-to-hand with his opponent. He quickly discovered the attacker was enhanced somehow, possessing high levels of strength. It turned into a grappling contest that Ranso was only able to win due to the contact-deploying piercing shiv in his hand that was able to penetrate the attacker’s light subdermal ballistic armor. Ranso managed to score a hit or two with his shiv before being thrown away by his attacker into Rence and the mechanic’s cart.

While Rence and Ranso kept the last standing attacker busy, Finch and Claudia realized the hazard of the leaking gas and vacuum. They moved to the airlock, only to discover the power was cut due to the blaster damage to the wall. They began to use the manual override to force the airlock open without power.

Ranso recovered from being thrown into the cart and charged his opponent, only to be Judo-thrown. The attacker then rushed Rence, who was trying to use the Tangler on him. The attacker grabbed the Tangler from Rence, and fired a shot at Ranso, who managed to dodge it. Rence then attempted to tackle the attacker, but was badly injured by a high-strength rifle-butt slam to the back. Ranso moved in and managed to score a few more hits with his shiv, but the attacker would still not go down. From the ground, Rence stabbed him in the knee with a vibro knife, crippling him. The attacker then attempted to shoot Rence point-blank with the Tangler, only to discover that it was out of ammo.

Ranso scored another shiv hit, but the attacker, while bleeding profusely, still refused to go down. In a last ditch attempt, Rence made an all-out attack from the ground, stabbing his vibroblade into the attacker’s groin and finally putting him down. The group then rushed to the airlock and forced the door open. They quickly boarded the Mafdet and separated from the station as a fireball erupted from the boarding tube.

Having caused considerable damage to the station, the crew held the Mafdet at a ‘casual’ distance from Port-Aux-Paix, not wanting to appear to be running. Finch and Rence took the call from station control and managed to convince the port managers that somebody had attempted to hijack their ship, blaming the energy weapon damage on the attackers.

Station control ordered the Mafdet down to Downport for safety reasons, where the group gave statements to Sheriff Thoon upon landing. After loading up all their weapons, they then went to see Dr. Zebo to get Rence’s back patched up. Upon entering the Doctor’s clinic, Finch sensed intense surprise and nervousness from the doctor, especially when he saw Claudia. He kept an eye on the doctor as he patched up Rence, and confronted him on his nervousness. Dr. Zebo said he was nervous because the PCs had walked in looking ready to start a war with all their weapons, but Finch could tell he wasn’t telling the whole truth.

Finally, the PCs recouped at Tammin’s bar, and compared notes as to why somebody would be attacking them. To Rence’s horror, he discovered that everyone in his crew had a significant enemy who was after them. Moreover, Finch relayed his suspicion that Dr. Zebo had sold them out to at least one of these enemies as Zebo had Claudia’s biological data from the time she went in to be treated for bullet wounds.

Finch and Rence had quite a shock when they learned both of Claudia’s experimental Mentat nature, and an even bigger one when Ranso explained he was full of nanites. Ranso began to taunt FInch by threatening to poke him with a nanite-laden finger. Finch then suggested that they find out who Dr. Zebo was feeding information to, and the group decided to try to tap the entire Tortuga Groundport’s comm system. The port controller, Ando, had a bit of a reputation for drinking, so it should be relatively easy to incapacitate him. Also, the party had data on the ships that had attempted to catch them earlier that they could use as a pretense to visit the tower.

Claudia offered to install tapping hardware to the comm panel in the tower, but it would take some time and the party needed to ensure that Ando stayed out during the installation. FInch offered the perfect solution when he poked Ranso in retaliation, injecting him with a hypospray concealed in his finger, knocking Ranso unconscious.

After reloading his hypospray, Finch, Rence, and Claudia go to visit Ando in the tower after dropping an unconscious Ranso at their room in the hostel. Rence and Finch get Ando drinking and talking, and finally Finch pats him on the back, injecting sedative through his concealed hypospray. Claudia quickly installs her comm tap and instructs it to relay relevant communications through the Mafdet. The group prop Ando up with some whiskey and head back to the hostel. They catch some sleep, and all wake up in the morning, with Ranso being particularly refreshed from his ‘nap’.

The Mafdet unsheathes its claws

The crew discovers they will be held liable for at least part of the damages inflicted to Port-Aux-Paix station during last episode’s ambush. The crew go to the downport’s control tower and contact Port-Aux-Paix dockmaster, Plinth, to try to negotiate the costs down. As they converse, a severe particle storm brews up and communication becomes difficult.

Suddenly Plinth puts them on hold to handle an urgent matter. When he reconnects, Plinth tells the crew that a gas freighter is in distress in the upper atmosphere of the Tortuga gas giant, and asks the crew to lift off in the Mafdet to assist as no other vessels are available. In return, Plinth agrees to waive the cost of the damage to Port-Aux-Paix.

The Mafdet has developed a strong electrical charge sitting on the landing field out in the storm. The crew quickly ground the ship out with a conductive cable and anchor system and are then able to safely board the ship and perform an emergency launch.

On reaching the upper atmosphere of the gas giant, the crew detects the freighter, and discovers that a small unknown ship, similar in mass to the Mafdet, has docked with it. Suspecting a pirate raid or trap, the crew approach cautiously. Ranso opens fire with the Mafdet’s sensor array laser, scoring hits on the aft of the smaller docked vessel, but also accidentally clipping the freighter with some of the beam. The smaller vessel seems to take significant damage, however the freighter begins leaking coolant and the crew realize time is of the essence.

The Mafdet quickly docks at the airlock on the opposite side of the freighter from the unknown boarding vessel. Finch, Claudia, and Ranso board the freighter and encounter no opposition as they work their way forward to the bridge. After securing the bridge, Claudia manages to override a lockout on the ship’s controls and starts to accelerate the freighter out of the gas giant’s lower atmosphere.

Meanwhile Finch and Ranso move aft, avoiding the central cargo area, and move on the bridge. They discover that Ranso’s earlier gunnery has damaged the reactor’s coolant and vented the engine room of atmosphere. Finch finds some sealant foam, and Ranso quickly patches the hull breach. FInally the group shuts down the main reactor, reducing the freighter to emergency power and life support.

Realizing time is limited, Ranso and FInch head up towards the freighter’s crew quarters. They find most of the crew of the ship tied up and locked in their own quarters, however no raiders are to be found. The lack of resistance is suspicious to the crew, and they quickly evacuate the captives back to the Mafdet as life support on the freighter will shortly fail.

As the last of the captives is safely evacuated, Rence, back aboard the Mafdet, detects that the unknown vessel docked at the other airlock has undocked and is making a run for it. Claudia sets the freighter’s autopilot to bring the ship up to a stable orbit for later recovery, and the Mafdet and crew undock to pursue.

The Mafdet quickly catches up to the crippled boarding vessel as it attempts to flee. Ranso and Finch do a cautious boarding, but again nobody seems to be aboard the small ship. Then Claudia detects the freighter is deviating from the course she left in the autopilot. Rence suspects that there may have been some raiders still aboard the freighter, and that they launched the damaged boarding craft as a distraction.

The Mafdet alters course and attempts to re-rendezvous with the freighter. Suddenly another large ship comes over the horizon of the gas giant in a head-on pass for the Mafdet. Ranso detects several missiles being launched and frantically shoots them down the the sensor array laser. He then returns fire, managing to inflict some damage on the Mafdet’s assailant. A second larger volley of missiles is launched, and again Ranso engages, but this time one missile slips through. Claudia frantically jinks the ship in a last-moment attempt to dodge, but the missile is closing fast. Finally Finch concentrates the Mafdet’s active sensors onto the missile in an attempt to jam its seeker, diverting the missile just enough to miss.

Ranso takes the opportunity to return fire, and manages to punch a hole in the cargo bay of the attacker just as it whips past and disappears over the horizon again. Given that they have innocent people on board and limited life support, Rence opts to break off the fight and return to Port-Aux-Paix. Before they leave, however, the Mafdet pulls alongside the escaping gas freighter and Ranso manages to tag it with a beacon Gyroc for later identification. The Mafdet then returns to Port-Aux-Paix and delivers the freighter’s crew to safety.

Selling both arms
A trip to the edge of the system goes a little too far...

The Mafdet returned to the site of their recent battle, and recovered three crude anti-ship missiles from the debris of the damaged pirate corsair. In addition to the missiles, several crates are recovered. The crates contain crude caseless assault rifles. Buy the quality of their build, Ranso realizes they were home-built and notices a ‘Freedom Arms’ logo stamped on each weapon. Nobody has heard of the company before but it seems somebody is creating budget weaponry that is getting into the hands of the pirates.

The Mafdet is suddenly hailed by a Patrol Frigate which had approached concealed in the gas giant’s upper layers. FInch, realizing the value of the missiles, hides them below the deck plates next to a power conduit to prevent them from being discovered. The Frigate docks with the Mafdet, but instead of an official inspection team, an agent and two security officers board. The agent identifies himself as Agent Cyanry of the Special Justice Group, and explains he is following up on some pirate activity originating out of the Tortuga system. He and his men search the ship, but don’t find the hidden missiles. The crew willingly show Cyanry the crates of assault rifles, which intrigues the agent. He confiscates the guns, but congratulates the crew on finding and turning in the weapons. He explains that he will try to use them to track down the weapons manufacturer supplying the pirates. He and his men then leave, the Frigate undocks, and the Mafdet proceeds back to Port-aux-Paix.

While resupplying, Finch receives a message from the Tower Monks who say a vital supply ship will be arriving in a few weeks, and request that the Mafdet escort it into the system. The crew take the job, and realize they could make some money on the way out to the edge of the system selling off their newly acquired armaments.

After making some arrangements ground-side with Mada Xuan, the crew finds a buyer for the missiles among one of the asteroid clans. The Mafdet travels to a refining station on the edge of the system, trailed by the Oculus as Pradeet continues to gather ‘footage’ of the crew for his film.

The Mafdet docks with the station, and the crew bring the missiles onboard and meet with their contact. As they are in the middle of the deal, two figures step from the shadows, announce they are agents of ‘The Galactic Patrol’ and open fire. A short gun battle ensues, with the PCs taking several hits, however the ammunition appears to be some sort of mild pyrotechnic round that inflicts minimal injury.

Regardless, the PCs return fire with much more lethal weaponry and quickly bring down their attackers. When Ranso checks on one of the downed figures, he recognizes ‘Judy’ the bioroid from Pradeet’s movie crew. Feeling betrayed by Pradeet, Ranso takes out his anger on the wounded Judy, executing her with a head shot.

Pradeet broadcasts to the crew, announcing that the scene is over and he has some excellent footage. He doesn’t even appear to be upset about Ranso killing his leading lady. He explains he paid off the crew of the station to help set up the scene and allow his actor bioroids to board the station and prepare the fake ambush. The miners still go through with the missile deal, however, and buy the three missiles for $100k credits, so Ranso’s rage is someone muted.

The crew then makes a supply run to The Pebble to pick up more fuel and supplies. On arrival, they find a salvage crew already in the docking bay, sorting out a large amount of scrap. The salvage crew’s captain introduces himself as Drake, owner, captain and sole proprietor of The Petty Drake salvage ship. He and his crew discovered the scattered wreckage of a ship on the edge of the system and brought it in to Pebble to sell. The Pebble is fairly busy for an outpost, and in addition to The Petty Drake, several other tugs and shuttles are docked to the station.

The Oculus arrives shortly thereafter, and Predeet goes about charming everyone aboard the station. This sticks in Rence’s craw, as Predeet’s charming especially extends to Alawan, the station commander, who Rence had been intimate with on his last visit. A romantic rivalry develops as Rence tries to woo back Alawan, but Predeet throws around a great deal of cash which makes him very popular with everyone but the Mafdet’s crew.

In the main hanger bay, Claudia and Finch investigate the wreckage the scrappers had been sorting. Claudia convinces Finch to make a deal for some navigational components she spots in the wreckage. She takes the components off to a corner of the bay and begins tinkering with them. She finds navigational logs for shipping routes for the asteroid clans. This data could be highly damaging and/or valuable so she memorizes the data then destroys the original hardware.

The crew does manage to enjoy some down time, and get along well with the employee’s of Drake’s company. They share a meal and talk shop. The scrappers tell about how they found the debris and they suspect it was a small freighter moving cargo from one asteroid facility to another. They are uncertain about how it came to be destroyed, and found no evidence of any crew.

A strange and awkward addition to the dinner party is Predeet’s leading actors, Punch and Judy. Judy appears none the worse for wear despite being executed at the hands of Ranso only a week earlier. Predeet offers up no explanation for this but the crew realizes he must have multiple copies of the bioroids on board the Oculus. While she shows no physical damage, Judy reacts to Ranso, and visibly flinches when she sees him and avoids him as much as possible. Pradeet explains that she has all the memories of ‘Judy’, and that he can re-format blank slate bioroids as needed to play her role.

The crew finishes up and prepares to leave, Rence being throughly disgusted by Alawan’s interest in Predeet (or at least his money). As the crew prepares to leave the station, they discover that Claudia is missing. They check the bay, and find Judy standing in the corner of the bay where Claudia was last seen. She spots Ranso, and immediately makes a run for it. Finch tries to block her, but she grabs his outstretched arm and vaults over it, dislocating his shoulder as she passes.

The crew immediately blame Pradeet for Claudia’s disappearance, figuring he has set up another ‘scene’ for his film. The rush to the Oculus’ airlock, and find a sign taped to the door saying: “Follow the tug!” The crew check with station control, and discover that a deep space salvage tug has just left the station (not Drake’s though).

They return to the Mafdet, but there seems to be trouble getting clearance to leave. Rather than wait, the crew engage the engines, ripping free of the station and tearing off a set of docking clamps. The Mafdet catches up to the tug and Ranso disables its engines with the tactical sensor array’s overcharged laser. The Mafdet moves to dock with the disabled tug, but the docking clamps from the Pebble are still stuck to the outside of the ship. Rence performs an EVA to pry the clamps loose, but comes under fire from someone shooting a laser rifle from the cover of the salvage tug.

Ranso grabs his rifle, charges out the airlock and hauls Rence back in by his tow line. He has trouble with the cable and they are nearly shot as he struggles to get Rence back in. Finally, Rence is back in the airlock and Ranso launches himself towards the tug, hoping to surprise whoever is shooting at them.

Meanwhile, on the bridge, Finch is watching over things. Still hurting from his dislocated shoulder, he has taken some ‘recreational pharmaceuticals’ to take the edge off the pain. He is quite giddy and thinks it would be a great idea to try to use the Mafdet’s laser to take care of the person shooting at them from the tug, but neglects to take Ranso’s presence into account. Finch opens fire, and while he does manage to hit the sniper, his spray of the area catches Ranso several times. Ranso only survives due to his beam ablative armor, but is still badly injured.

Rence makes it back to the bridge and relieves the giggling Finch from command. Seeing Ranso in dire straights, Rence charges the Mafdet forward, scooping Ranso up in the cargo hold and spearing the tug on the Mafdet’s nose. Suddenly space twists and turns, and everyone realizes that the tug was attempting to jump into hyperspace just as the Mafdet rammed it!

After a nauseating hyperspace jump, the crew come back to their senses. They are no longer in the Tortuga system, and appear to be near a rogue planet in the middle of nowhere. The crew has no time to verify their location, as the tug is now impaled on the end of the Mafdet. With Ranso badly hurt, it falls to the still giggling finch to lead the charge as the crew investigate the tug.

The tug is mostly empty, but Finch finally encounters a single figure in a space suit, barricaded behind a crate at a hallway junction. Finch fires a lucky shot, and catches the suited figure in the faceplate with his blaster, quickly dispatching them. The crew continue to search the vessel, and eventually find Claudia unconscious and taped up in a storage closet.

Ranso uses construction foam to seal up hole in the tug around the Mafdet’s nose, and the crew manages to re-pressurize the tug and perform a thorough search of the vessel. Ownership records indicate it was the property of a small mercenary firm, but no other details could be gleaned. It appeared there were only two crew aboard, one of which was almost vaporized by the Mafdet’s laser. Likewise, Finch’s lucky face shot left the other unrecognizable, and the crew had neither the time nor inclination to probe deeper as there was the looming question of exactly where in the universe they came out of hyperspace.

Claudia was revived and found to be unharmed. She observed the local star constellations, and after several hours of observation and navigational deduction, she realized that the Mafdet was all the way over on the next galactic arm due to the miss-jump! The crew made some stop-gap repairs and properly connected the Mafdet and the tug via docking clamps. Ranso patched the hole in the tug up with additional construction foam, and made it spaceworthy, at least for a little while.

The crew, looking for resources, decided to investigate the rogue planet that had pulled them out of hyperspace. After scanning the planet, it began to emit increasing amounts of energy. To their terror, the crew realized the entire planet was starting to move towards them and bathe the ship with high-energy emissions all across the electromagnetic spectrum. The energy was not immediately dangerous, but would eventually fry the ships!

The crew quickly outran the planet, which gave up its approach/attack/greeting? once they were far enough away. The rapid maneuver cost almost all the Mafdet and the tug’s fuel though, and the ships were stuck in deep space with almost no resources. The tug had a large salvage hyperdrive, so it was capable of entering hyperspace with salvage attached. This meant that the tug could at least pull the Mafdet into hyperspace with it, but there was the question of the route home. Going the ‘long way’ around down and up the galactic arm would take over a century, and the ships were nearly out of fuel anyway. Realizing they had no fuel to make multiple jumps, the crew had to go for broke and attempt the long jump across the void of intergalactic space to get home. The probability of a jump being successful over that distance was very small, but the crew had no other options left. Claudia aimed the ship as best as she could and crossing her fingers engaged the tug’s hyperdrive.

We now resume our regularly scheduled programming.
I met a traveler from antique lands...

After a mind-twisting hyperspace jump of Brobdingnagian proportions, the Mafdet and the deep space tug (called the Rattletrap) slam back into normal space. Claudia tried to aim for Tortuga, but over vast distances precise aim was problematic. The crew were relieved to come out of hyperspace at all though, as if the Rattletrap’s hyperspace trajectory had not intersected with at least one gravity well, the ship might never have come out of hyperspace.

After a few moments to catch their bearings, the crew realized they were only a couple jumps away from Nassau station in a star system on the periphery that they had never been to before, or even heard of. Before the crew could do anything though, they detected several attack ships locking on to them and received an order to surrender and prepare to be boarded!

The attack ships claimed to be agents of the Bahmani Sultanate, and that the Mafdet and Rattletrap were trespassing in Bahmani space. The crew, being out of fuel and under the watch of many weapons, surrendered. Troops in very expensive powered combat armor boarded both ships and searched them, holding Claudia on the Rattletrap, and the rest of the crew on the Mafdet at gunpoint.

Claudia very carefully explained the navigational miracle they had just performed, and provided the data to prove it. The soldiers reported the information back to their ships, and after several hours a large cruiser arrived on the scene. The crew were invited to meet the captain, and an ‘honor guard’ of battlesuited troopers escorted the crew to the hanger bay of the new ship.

The captain introduces himself as Makdaw, and welcomes the crew aboard his ship, the Fakhir. He explains that the Sultanate runs a mining and resources concern in this sector, and that the PCs have bumbled into their mining operations. He is intrigued by the PCs story and data, and proclaims that they have probably jumped further than any human being has ever gone. He inquires how they ended up making the jump in the first place, and Finch is careful to leave out the details of Claudia’s kidnapping, instead proclaiming that the Mafdet just happened to run into the tug in a navigational error.

While Fakhir was dubious about their story, he did accept that the jump happened and remained impressed. He offered to assist the PCs by performing temporary repairs on their ships and offering them enough fuel to make it back to Nassau station. The crew, not wanting to wear out their welcome, quickly agreed.

After some temporary repairs, the Rattletrap and Mafdet were escorted out of the system in the company of an armed merchantman called the ‘Abu Zaid’. The ship escorted them through the jump and all the way to Nassau before taking its leave.

At Nassau, the crew pick up supplies, fuel, armor and ammo. Ranso is particularly happy to find some new ablative plates for his armor, since his were evaporated during the unfortunate ‘Finch used the Mafdet’s laser while high as a kite’ incident. They also recall that they inflicted a fair bit of damage to the Pebble’s docking clamps and order replacement parts. The parts won’t be in for at least a month or two, however, so the crew will have to return later.

Meanwhile, now that they have two ships, the crew decides it is time for the group to properly form a business. Rence forms a sole proprietorship and re-registers the Rattletrap as the ‘Absconder’. Meanwhile, Finch negotiates repairs for both ships, and manages to score a trio of drop pods that can be used to carry external cargo on the Absconder. He also purchases some food and medical supplies on spec that he figures he can sell for a profit back at Tortuga.

The crew jump back to Tortuga with their new ship and equipment, and return to Port-aux-Paix. They discover that the Monks have abandoned their tower on the moon and have come to Port-aux-Paix. The freighter that they were expecting (and the Mafdet was supposed to escort before its accidental pan-galactic hyperjump) never arrived. Without their supplies and extra help they were overrun by the local bandits, and barely managed to escape with their lives.

The monks said that a data core was left behind, buried under the tower, which was highly valuable to them. A substantial reward would be given if the Mafdet’s crew could manage to retrieve it from the bandits. Feeling a little bit sheepish about not making it for escort duty earlier, the crew accepts the request and head down to Tortuga to see what they can do. They leave the Absconder docked at Port-aux-Paix, and land the Mafdet at Tortuga Downport.

The crew find out that traffic in and out of the system is being plagued by pirates. Finch sells his food and medical supplies for a tidy profit as shipments in system are becoming scarce and business is hurting. The crew resolves to take care of the bandits at the tower in the hopes that the data core from the observatory will help them figure out where the pirates are operating. (also the reward!)

Finch borrows a grav sled from Mada Xuan, and the crew head out across the desert towards the Monk’s tower. As they drive along, they are ambushed ineffectually by another grav sled, which makes a run for it when a gyroc attack misses Mada Xuan’s sled. The crew then turn off the main road, not wanting to be ambushed again. They work their way around the upper plateau behind the tower, hoping to attack from better cover.

The crew parked the sled in the hills near the edge of the plateau, and Ranso and Claudia went forward on foot to recon the approach to the tower. As they went along the edge of the hills they noticed a suited figure enter a doorway built into the side of the hill. The crew gathered and went in, only to discover a hidden underground hanger bay.

Several pirates were in the bay, moving crates of weapons. Two ‘hopper’ cargo shuttles were also parked in the bay. Relying on the element of surprise, the crew attacked the unwary pirates. In the resulting gunfight, Rence and Ranso were both moderately injured, but in the end the pirates were eliminated. Finch and Ranso checked the bay, discovering a large stash of the ‘Freedom Arms’ assault rifles they had encountered before. They then turned their attention to the two parked hoppers.

The first hopper had 23 missiles stuffed aboard as cargo. Clearly the pirates were moving weaponry. On the second hopper they discovered four local miners bound and unconscious. When the miners came to, they explained they were isotope miners that worked on the surface of Tortuga (the moon). Their leader, Kalilee and her three best men were tracking a group of bandits who stole some equipment from their camp. Unfortunately the group were ambushed by the pirates and taken captive.

The miners rearmed and re-equipped themselves with weapons from the fallen pirates, and offered to assist the PCs in attacking the tower. After a strategy meeting, the group decided to crash the empty hopper into the valley right in front of the Monk’s tower. The crash would stir up enough dust and cause enough commotion out front that the group could sneak into the tower through the rear entrance and take it.

Claudia programmed the hopper to suffer a sudden engine failure as it took off, in an attempt to make the crash look like an accident to the bandits. Ranso headed out to try to get into position before the distraction, and the rest of the crew and the miners prepared to sally forth in Mada Xuan’s sled. The hopper launched and crashed in front of the tower, generating a huge dust storm. Ranso, not anticipating the degree of dust that would be generated, became lost and wandered around on the edge of the upper plateau for some time. Meanwhile the sled, driven by Claudia, managed to find its way to the tower and the group attacked sans Ranso.

After clearing out resistance in the airlock, the group realized that a well-equipped opponent was occupying the very top of the tower. He was holed up on the uppermost level with a sentry gun guarding the access hatch in the floor. After an exchange of gunfire to disable the turret, Claudia popped up the hatch just in time to have a pair of grenades hurled directly at her. She managed to parry the grenades and send them back into the room as she dropped back down the hatch.

Meanwhile, Ranso finally got his bearings and made his way to the tower. As he approached he saw gunfire from the broken dome on top of the tower, and realized his crewmates were engaging somebody in the top room. He used the low gravity to perform a high jump, and brought himself up to the level of the tower dome. He looked through a hole in the roof just in time to see Claudia deflect the grenades, and saw a figure scrambling to pick one back up. Ranso opened fire with his gauss rifle and wounded the figure, causing him to drop the grenade again just as it went off, destroying the top of the tower.

With the top exit and upper tower secure, Ranso joined the rest of the crew and the miners as they slowly worked their way down the tower, clearing each room. Finally they reached the lower level, where they met stiff opposition by bandits armed with the Monk’s own laser carbines. The miners attempted to charge in, but were cut down by a soldier in merc’s armor firing a full-on military laser rifle at them.

As the miners fell, Claudia used her rifle to take out the laser rifle while a hail of gunfire from the rest of the group cut down the soldier. After he fell, the crew worked their way in to the bay to take out the last of the resistance. A large mining robot was busy excavating in the middle of the room, and continued to do so even as the firefight raged around it. Just as the last bandit was dispatched, the robot pulled the Monk’s data core out of the ground, announced ‘task complete’ and shut down.

Mafdet's flaktastic adventure!
Some kind of zone of danger?

The crew finish securing the tower and the Monk’s data core, but notice that the weather is getting increasingly bad. With a large particle storm brewing, the crew load the wounded miners, the loot from the bandits, the data core, and a small filing cabinet onto Mada Xuan’s grav sled. The tower is completely compromised (read: shot full of holes) so the only nearby cover is the hidden hanger several km away.

They begin driving towards the hanger, but just as they start out Ranso notices a ship flying overhead. It launches a missile strike in the direction of the hanger and vanishes into the growing storm. Realizing they have nowhere else to go, the crew continues on to the hanger, hoping that enough of it is left to provide shelter.

After arriving at the hanger, they find the crew quarters in-tact, but the hanger section is buried under rock. Finch tears up as he realizes that the hopper full of missiles may be lost, especially given how much profit they got for the last batch.

With the storm getting worse, the crew and wounded miners hole up in the crew quarters of the hanger to wait it out. Finch opens up the filing cabinet, and discovers a small strongbox in the top drawer. Ranso opens it, and discovers a small black sphere in some packing foam inside. Claudia checks it for wireless signals, and everyone generally pokes and prods it, but to no avail. After ribbing Claudia about her lack of success, Claudia angrily suggests that Ranso should try and see how well he does with it. Attempting to frustrate Claudia further, Ranso picks up the sphere and pretends to think at it. To his alarm, it starts to glow red and emit low levels of radiation.

While alarming, the sphere’s behavior does not change other than glowing and emitting mostly harmless radiation levels. The PCs try a few more things, like exposing it to the low level of radiation from Mada Xuan’s sled, but the sphere’s behavior does not change. With no other real option, the crew put it back in the strongbox which at least shields them from the radiation and hope it doesn’t get worse. Alarmingly for Ranso, his nanites appear to be disrupted by his interaction with the sphere, and go offline. When he queries his diagnostic computer he gets nonsense answers at first, until it reboots and goes into a very low level diagnostic.

Finally the storm abates, and Finch and Claudia venture outside to see what the collapsed section of the hanger looks like. The large hanger doors are blown open and the inside of the hanger is buried in rock. The debris pile is smaller than expected, though, and there is no sign of wreckage from the hopper.

The wounded miners are in need of immediate medical attention, so the crew gets the sled rolling again and returns to Tortuga downport. On arrival, they drop the miners off with Dr. Zebo and head over to the landing field to check on the Mafdet. They are met at the airlock by Sheriff Thoon, who says he shot a pair of bandits that were nosing around the Mafdet while the PCs were away. The crew check the ship and find nothing amiss, other than some blood stains on the exterior. Distressingly for Ranso, his nanites are still offline, and the computer is still running a diagnostic.

Claudia stays behind at the Mafdet with the Monk’s data core, hoping to use the Mafdet’s computers to make a copy of the encrypted data in it so she can look at it later. Meanwhile Finch and Ranso return the sled to Mada Xuan and sell off most of their loot for a tidy profit.

The crew spend the night at the downport at Muldoon’s hostel. The hostel is empty except for the PCs. Muldoon explains that business has been very slow due to few ships showing up lately. Apparently pirates operating on the edge of the system of choked off most commerce in the system, and the Port-aux-Paix station and Tortuga Downport are in dire financial straights. Given that the hostel is empty, Ranso rents out the entire place for the night, both as a good-faith gesture to Muldoon, and to keep the place secure overnight. Muldoon locks the place down and the PCs have a mostly uneventful night.

The exception is Finch, who opens up the strongbox containing the sphere to check on it. He discovers that the sphere is no longer glowing or emitting radiation, and he touches it to see if it is still warm. Instead the sphere appears to be freezing cold and he gets minor frostbite on his hand! He quickly closes the box back up and leaves the sphere alone for the rest of the evening.

The next day, Claudia has managed to copy the data core to the Mafdet’s computers. To Ranso’s relief, his diagnostic computer has finished whatever it was doing and his nanites appear to have returned to normal.

The crew launch the ship and head up to Port-aux-Paix to return the core to the Monks and claim their reward. On arrival at Port-aux-Paix, they find the Absconder has been well protected by station security while the PCs were away, with an armed guard in front of its docking port 24/7.

On arrival, they are told that Dockmaster Plinth would like to meet with them at their earliest convenience. However, first the PCs ask about the Monks so they can deliver the data core and claim their reward. The guard at the airlock, however, says that the monks left the station about two days ago, figuring they were headed for Nassau station on one of the last ships to try to leave the system. He mentioned they seemed to be in a big hurry to leave.

Perturbed, the PCs return the data core to the Absconder, and meet with Plinth. Plinth explains the situation is fairly dire, with the pirates essentially driving off all commerce from out system and destroying two of the Port’s gas freighters. The final freighter has to make a necessary run to Nassau station to make a shipment, or the Port will go bankrupt. Plinth wants the PCs to make sure the freighter gets out of the system safely, and has something that will help them do it.

Leading them to a secluded hanger bay, Plinth shows the PCs a large flak cannon hidden in storage. He explains that the Port-aux-Paix management managed to get their hands on several of these guns in the past, and that he wants to give this one to the Mafdet in return for the PCs help eliminating the pirates. The cannon is a rapid-fire twin-barreled 50mm railgun with anti-ship flak ammunition, which will be quite a nasty surprise for the pirates. The Mafdet was originally designed to carry a similar gun, so the mounting and power hookups are already in place.

The crew rests up while the Port-aux-Paix yard workers install the gun. FInch checks the local message boards, and finds a mail packet waiting for the PCs, but with a COD charge of $5000 credits! After some hemming and hawing the PCs curiosity gets the better of them and they pay the charge. They receive a data dump from Port-aux-Paix’s security cameras showing the Monks in a fist fight with a single man in the mess hall of the station. The data dump also has short video clips and stills of the man stalking the monks for several days prior to the confrontation in the mess hall.

There is no audio to the video, but Finch looks around for some software that can perform lip reading from the video feed. He finds a yard worker that specializes in dubious software and illicit substances, getting a package deal from the man of five ampules of a Nebayan drug as well as the lip reading software.

On applying the software, the crew discover that the stranger was yelling at the monks about how they stole his life savings, and conned his wife into giving them thousands of credits. It becomes apparent to the group that the Monks were involved in some form of financial scam, and now at least one person has tracked them down. This may have led to their haste to depart the station, but it seemed small potatoes compared to the Monk’s run-ins with the bandits, so their rapid departure was odd.

To clear up any of these mysteries, travel needed to be opened back up again between Tortuga and Nassau. The PCs, with their new cannon equipped on the Mafdet, departed on their mission to escort the last gas freighter out of the system.

After two weeks of uneventful cruising with the freighter, the Mafdet detected a series of small drive flares directly ahead of them on their course. The heat sources were quickly resolved to be missiles that had been left in wait on the path out of the system. The missiles locked on to the freighter and burned right for it.

Ranso quickly engaged the missiles with the Mafdet’s laser, managing to destroy five of the eight. The last three bared in on the freighter and Claudia managed to slew around and engage at the last second with the new flak cannon. The hail of flak shells burst at point-blank range and just barely took out the last three missiles before they could impact the freighter.

Suspecting more trouble ahead, Ranso performed a long-range active scan, only to detect a ship at extreme range on a course ahead of them. Not really expecting to connect at such a distance, Ranso nonetheless fired a full burst from the flak cannon at the unknown ship, hoping to warn it off, or at least draw its attention off the freighter.

The unidentified ship held its course, not expecting the Mafdet to be able to reach it at such an extreme range. However, in a total fluke one of the flak shells managed to wing the ship despite the distance. The shot connected dead center with the ship, tearing open its cargo hold and hanger bays. With the sudden shock of such damage, the ship quickly lit its engines and ran for it. The Mafdet did not pursue, choosing to stay with and protect the freighter in case there was any additional trouble.

As the Mafdet and its ward continued out of the system, they came across the spilled cargo from the damaged ship. To none of the crew’s surprise it turned out to be more missiles and general supplies. From the wreckage, Ranso realized that the ship was the same one that engaged them in Tortuga’s atmosphere months ago, and that he had managed to shoot them in exactly the same location again. The Mafdet and freighter slowed while the freighter crew helped the Mafdet collect the missiles before continuing on their way.

The Mafdet, with numerous valuable missiles attached and stowed internally and externally, saw the freighter off safely into hyperspace.

Rick Robinson’s First Law of Space Combat: “An object impacting 3 km/sec delivers kinetic energy equal to its mass in TNT”

A passenger ship in scarlet
The PCs find the monks...

The Mafdet received moderate damage from its last skirmish, so the PCs leave it in dock at Port-aux-Paix for repair. With some downtime, the crew decide to take the Absconder to Nassau station for some shopping. The Absconder makes it to the edge of the Tortuga system and jumps to Nassau without incident. Upon reaching the station, the crew spend most of the time shopping, stocking up on supplies and equipment.

After loading up some supplies and the docking clamps owed to Pebble station, the Absconder prepares to leave. To Rence’s chagrin, his old rival and former owner of the Mafdet, Jeannie Santos is hanging around the docking bay with a few toughs. Jeannie wants to know what happened to the Mafdet and why Rence is running around in an old junk heap like the Absconder.

Rence deflects the questions, but is uneasy as the crew prepares to leave, suspecting Jeannie is up to something. His suspicions are confirmed as the crew gets accosted by a customs cutter as they are on the way out of the system. The crew initially begins a through inspection of the Absconder, claiming they received a tipoff of contraband. After some smooth words and greased palms, Finch manages to smooth things over and the Absconder continues on its way.

A few days of cruising later, the crew receives a message from Nassau control saying that a passenger ship has lost power near the Absconder’s position. The Absconder diverts course to investigate, and finds the passenger ship drifting idle in space. On boarding, they find the entire crew have been cut into small pieces. No clue remains to the attackers means or identities, except a single crewman who somehow managed to survive despite horrible wounds including a missing arm and leg.

The crew try to find what they can, and get some hints that the monks were among the dead. Given the crewman’s dire medical situation though, they undock and quickly head back towards Nassau station, meeting a medical ship halfway there and transferring the crewman aboard.

Thinking their business finally concluded, the crew attempt to leave Nassau again, but just as they are reaching the edge of the system, they are contacted by a Colonial Authority Patrol frigate. They again find themselves boarded, but this time a familiar figure comes through the airlock: Agent Cyanry.

Cyanry quizzes the crew on the recent goings on around Nassau and Tortuga, and explains he suspects there is more than meets the eye to the pirate activity in the region. He commends the PCs work in cleaning house in Tortuga, but cautions there is more going on than it seems. He promises to continue working on the problem from his end and sends the PCs on their way.


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