The most common freighter on the edge of the frontier is the Oregon-Trail Class Light Free Trader. This small (SM8) 1000t freighter provides high-priority low-volume shipping to new colonies off of the main shipping routes. The ship is an aerodynamic wedge shape with small wings giving it the ability to maneuver in atmosphere. The wings assist the ship both for aerobraking on landing approach and to assist the ship on take off from a planetary surface. For worlds without atmosphere, the ship’s fusion torch engines can accelerate the ship at up to one gravity, allowing no-atmosphere takeoff and landing from smaller worlds with low gravity.

It also features a vehicle garage typically carrying a pair of repulsorlift grav sleds. This greatly speeds loading and unloading on colony worlds without developed port facilities. The ship has four cabins, sleeping up to eight crew. A small bunkroom provides spartan steerage accommodation for any passengers or extra crew, although this is sometimes used as extra storage space. The forward and mid ship cargo holds can carry 150t each for a basic total load of 300t.

A small Robofac allows the ship to manufacture small spare parts to assist in repairs. The Robofacs also allow the ship to manufacture small parts for colonial customers, although all but the most destitute colonies will typically have their own larger facilities.

Finally, the ship sports a 2-bed sickbay with standard treatment facilities, and three four-person lifepods allow the ship to be evacuated in an emergency. These, and the ship’s acceleration and reputation for durability make it a solid choice for frontier operations.



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