The Hispaniola system contains mostly rocks in the form of multiple broad asteroid belts, two gas giants, and three rock balls in system, none of them habitable. It primarily serves as a resource extraction point for developing the frontier and a trading post for goods flowing in and out of the Core systems.

Hispaniola hosts Santo Domingo Station, which is a major shipping and trade hub, as well two corporate facilities: Progressive Frontier Products’ Marién Refinery, and Dynecore’s Maguá Chemical Processing Station.

The three inner rockballs are named (in order from the star), Navidad, Ozama, and Isabella. Navidad is a scorched rockball with a small anti-matter processing plant on the surface. Ozama has vast hydrocarbon seas and a rocky surface with some carbon deposits, giving much of the land a black color. Isabella is an icy rockball much further out that is harvested for methane ice. It has unstable geology and many craters and volcanos.

The two gas giants, Ryswick and Basel are typical hydrogen-rich gas giants, both of which are being scooped for fuel. Both gas giants feature dozens of various small moons. The outermost giant, Basel, has Santo Domingo station sitting in its L5 point. Marién Refinery sits at the L4 point near the inner asteroid belt. Meanwhile Dynecore Maguá station directly orbits the inner gas giant, Ryswick.



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