Nassau Station

Nassau Station was originally named after some long-dead corporate executive. In a quirk of historical anachrophillia the locals began referring to it as Nassau Station, after the British Colony of Nassau in Bermuda on Old Earth.

The ramshackle facility serves as a somewhat neglected gateway to the Frontier sectors. Infrequent large-scale shipping traffic makes its final stop at this station, dropping off large shipments of bulk goods and technology. Smaller freighters then make local runs to the various colony worlds, and dozens of independent haulers call Nassau station their home port.

The station orbits a red sun with a few minor rocky planets and significant asteroid belt. Some of the asteroids have modest mineral content and small-scale asteroid mining is present in the system. An ore processor on Nassau station purchases and processes a trickle of material from small-time operators working the asteroids, providing some local material supply for the repair yards and Robofacs aboard the station.

Numerous trade and shipping organizations have offices on Nassau station, and a large merchant quarter provides space for making deals. A central exchange computer monitors and facilitates shipping and cargo deals among the various groups that call the station home.

A small Patrol office is also present on the station, and the Patrolmen spend most of their time policing shipping and customs regulations, although now and again they will ‘show the flag’ in the asteroids to maintain order in the system.

Almost all passenger travel into the sector passes through Nassau station as it is one of the last places to refuel and resupply before entering the Fringe.


Nassau Station

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