The Lawman-Class patrol frigate is a popular feature in holodramas popularizing the Patrol Service. The small (SM8) ship is the backbone of the Patrol fleet that maintains law and order in interstellar space. Displacing 1000t, the Lawman class can bring a team of up to 16 Patrol officers anywhere on the frontier.

The ship is aerodynamic with wings, allowing it to efficiently take off and land on worlds with atmosphere. Its 2G-acceleration fusion torch engines also allow takeoff and landing from most worlds via brute-force. In addition to the torch drive engines, the ship also possesses a fusion rocket for long-range cruising. When using this engine the ship is capable of continuous thrust for nearly three months. This allows the ship to pull tours on the order of half-a-year, patrolling long distances in a single mission.

While not a warship, the Lawman-Class has respectable armor, and a heavy UV-laser cannon on the front that gives it long-range striking capability in space. A pair of missile tubes can launch anti-ship missiles or probes for remote observation. Finally, a trio of rapid-fire laser turrets protect the ship from close-in threats. All of these weapons are targeted by an advanced tactical sensor array that gives the ship superior detection capabilities.

Typical missions include customs inspection duty, anti-piracy patrols, search and rescue, emergency medical support, and navigational survey operations.



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