Port-Aux-Paix is a Tropic-class medium-sized gas refining station orbiting the moon of Tortuga. Tropic-class stations are designed to play host to gas scoop tankers and transport ships for the collection and transportation of hydrogen fuel. The station features extensive hanger bays and external docking pylons for loading and unloading various forms of cargo as well as liquefied gasses. An on-board gas refinery takes raw gas collected by scoop ships and converts it into purified hydrogen. The hydrogen is then loaded aboard tanker spacecraft for delivery throughout the frontier.

The station was originally the property of Progressive Frontier Products, who built the station nearly ten years ago in an attempt to provide cheap fuel to frontier shipping. Progressive’s plans fell through when Dynecore Resource Management opened up a huge gas mining hub in the frontier system of Luminous. With Dynecore’s operation right on the largest shipping route, Progressive was undercut and the Port-Aux-Paix operation was quickly mothballed and abandoned.

A few years after Progressive abandoned Tortuga, a group calling itself the Tortuga Gas Mining Collective (TGMC, or often just called “The Guild”) claimed salvage rights for the station and moved in. After a lengthy legal battle lasting nearly five years and some under-the-table deals, Progressive dropped their claim on the station without formally declaring forfeiture. For the moment, TGMC has quasi-legal rights to the station and Tortuga Downport. For the last two years they have restarted gas mining operations on the gas giant, Tortuga-D, and have begun eking out a small profit supplying growing shipping operations in the region.

The station is constructed for mining, but it has cabins and dorm rooms for hosting up to a few hundred travelers and mining ship crews on downtime. A sparse mess hall and bar provide minimal entertainment for occupants, and the station does sport a fully equipped medical clinic for emergencies. While they are livable, the cramped quarters and spartan conditions aboard station drive most people to spend their off time on the moon of Tortuga below.

Being a nominally civilian station, Port-Aux-Paix is not heavily armored. Unlike other Tropic-class stations, however, Port-Aux-Paix has been modified by the current owners with weaponry: Five heavy rapid-fire laser turrets provide some protection against potential impacts and hostile ships, not an unknown occurrence on the edges of the frontier. While Progressive seems to have dropped its claim to the station, the TGMC is wary of incursions into the Tortuga star system by corporate interests.

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