The OSV-Class Boat is a 100t small (SM6) support ship for space stations and large vessels. The OSV is a squarish block shape, with a small fusion thruster for medium distance travel and a chemical reaction engine for safe maneuvering near other ships or space stations.

The OSV is meant to provide construction and repair support for dockyards, shuttling components to and from the work site. A 15t forward hanger bay allows the fast deployment of space-suited workers to a job site, and a mid ship cargo bay can hold supplies and material. While it does not have enough fuel for very long voyages, a small cabin provides sleeping quarters for two crew members. This allows the crew to rest during breaks and increases the time-on-station of the OSV.

An external clamp allows the OSV to attach directly to a ship or station, and a robotic arm near the cargo bay allows it to manipulate or grab larger items. The arm allows it to tow or carry objects or even other small craft. Occasionally the OSV will attach to a ship with the docking clamp while performing repairs on it with the robotic arm and a team of workers.



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