“And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by”
—John Masefield

General Classifications:
(displacement in tons and GURPS Size Modifier)

* Light Fighter/Shuttle (10t, SM4)
* Fighter/Shuttle (30t, SM5)
* Cutter/Boat (100t, SM6)
* Escort/Scout (300t, SM7)
* Frigate or Light Freighter (1000t, SM8)
* Cruiser or Medium Freighter (3000t, SM9)
* Heavy Cruiser or Heavy Freighter(10000t, SM10)
* Station or Super Freighter (30000t, SM11)
* Large Station or Mega Freighter (100000t, SM12)
Ships encountered by the PCs:

* Freighters
* Service
* Patrol


Tortuga2500 Kale26