Tortuga Downport

The limited space and cramped living quarters aboard Port-Aux-Paix station has led to a spillover of people and things to the moon below. Originally Tortuga Downport was a series of abandoned construction hangers, used to support the original construction of Port-Aux-Paix station. When the occupants of the station started running out of room they came to the moon below, occupied the hangers and support buildings, and started spreading out.

Since then, the Downport has grown into a small town, with large hangers and warehouses for ships, and habitat sections for hosting space crew. Like any frontier town ‘recreational’ facilities have sprung up, from brothels and bars to casinos. A very diverse market is also established in one of the habitat sections, where any manner of item may be purchased for the right price. The Downport is a popular destination for recruiting crews, or doing repair work on ships where the moon’s low gravity is an advantage.

The moon of Tortuga is a rocky, dusty eccentric sphere with long-extinct volcanic activity. The atmosphere is very thin, although atmospheric condensers allow people to breathe it. Stepping outside without a pressure suit will lead to ‘altitude’ sickness even if oxygen is carried, so a full space suit is preferred attire for walking the surface.

Stepping outside is seldom required, however, as most of the Downport facilities are connected by tunnels. Several large black domes form the habitable section, with rectangular hangar buildings a short distance away. The buildings are heavily shielded against radiation to protect from the occasional electromagnetic storm from the gas giant. The domes have few windows due to the fine dust quickly covering any surface.

The landing field is an open cleared area, and there are minimal regulations. Torch-Drive ships land regularly, leaving the landing field mildly radioactive with chunks of ‘hot’ glass strewn about. Work crews tend to spend as little time as possible there for this reason, although radiation levels are really only hazardous over long exposure times.

The moon is resource poor, and is mostly a convenient gravity well for anything that doesn’t fit on Port-de-Paix station. A few mining and extraction facilities have been built by particularly hardy settlers outside of the Downport station, although most of the moons’ inhabitants live in the underground habitats.


Tortuga Downport

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